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How To Run Your Hot Tub In Winter

tubsWinter is around the corner, and that means that it’s going to be harder for some Americans to enjoy their hot tubs. However, just because it’s getting cold, doesn’t mean that you have to put the spas away. The majority of hot tub users prefer to keep their water temperatures between 100 and 102 degrees Fahrenheit, making them more than hot enough for the cold.

Hot tubs and spas don’t need to be stored away in winter; you just need to be willing to brave the cold. Here are a few tips for maintaining hot tubs that will help you get through the season safe and relaxed:

Check The Water Levels Often
Winter has snow, and snow melts into water. That means that an unattended leak in a cover can make the water levels uneven. If the water is uneven, the heaters inside the tub can stop working and the water inside can freeze. That is a very expensive problem to take care of. Make sure you check your water levels frequently to keep an eye out for these kinds of issues.

Save Energy When Possible
You might need to keep the hot tub running more frequently to keep the water from freezing. However, you need to be smart about how you do this. Don’t raise and lower the temperature of the water often based on your usage. Instead, just maintain a set temperature that it has to keep. This will help beat the cold a little easier and save money on energy costs. Also, make sure you keep the cover on the tub at all times when it’s not in use.

Make Sure You Have Supplies
Supplies for a hot tub could be more difficult to come by in the winter months. Make sure you have a stock of sanitizer or other vital chemicals to keep your hot tub running during the winter. If a bad storm comes and you can’t make a drive out anywhere for supplies, you might have a hot tub maintenance emergency building without you knowing.

A hot tub in winter doesn’t have to be impossible, though it may be a bit more difficult. If you’re willing to brave the cold and keep the hot tub running, then you can enjoy the winter in style. Follow these tips for the best winter results. We also have convenient locations at: Hot Tubs of Rockville and Hot Tubs of Occoquan.

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