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How to Properly Maintain Your Hot Tub in the Summer

hot tub maintenance

If you’ve invested in a hot tub to incorporate more relaxation into your life, not taking care of the tub properly can stress you out.

Hot tub maintenance is key, especially in the summer. If you don’t take care of your Sundance hot tubs, you won’t be able to enjoy it during the prime soaking time of the year. Here are some ways to keep up with your hot tub maintenance during the summer.

Remember the Cover

To reduce your summer hot tub maintenance, purchasing a cover is key. The covers will protect debris from entering the water, reducing the amount of skimming you must do. It can also keep rainwater out which means your water chemistry can remain balanced. Because the cover can do so much, you have to make sure it’s clean at all times. Scrubbing the inside of the cover with cleaner regularly will prevent bacteria from growing or spreading into the water.

Purchase Vacuums

Even if you’ve taken the time to skim, there is still debris that can end up at the bottom of the hot tub. Those particles are hard to get with a skimmer but can cause a lot of harm to your water if not removed. A vacuum meant for water will remove all the particles and keep your water crystal clear for many days in the future.

Use Brushes

Calcium, algae, and other buildup can make your tub unappealing. Not only will they make your tub look less than beautiful, but it can also cause some serious harm to your water. Using a brush to scrub at the sides and bottoms of the tub can keep it clean and looking its best. Use a soft brush once a week that won’t damage your tile. Focus on the waterline as that’s where buildup tends to occur. If you removed a lot of buildup, use a vacuum after to make sure that it doesn’t stay at the bottom.

Hot tubs can be used to help you relax, sleep better, and entertain others. In fact, 33.3% of hot tub owners purchased their tub with the primary purpose of improving sleep. But in order to do all of those things, you need to make sure that it’s properly maintained.

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