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3 Corrected Hot Tubs Myths That’ll Have You Jetting for the Nearest Dealer


Hot tubs can easily top your list of worthwhile purchases, but too often are people hesitant due to the falsity of what they hear.

Like all things in life, hot tubs and spas are subject to rumors and misconceptions that deter people from acquiring one. Rather than missing out on what could be one of your favorite purchases of all time due to something you heard eight years ago, you can just clear the air. Here are the top myths surrounding hot tubs and spas, and the truth behind them.

The Chlorine Burns Your Eyes

For the sake of transparency, it is true that your eyes may become irritated if exposed to chlorine at very high levels. What bothers your eyes isn’t the chlorine, or the bromine, but rather the pH and alkaline levels. Your eyes have a pH balance of about 7.5, and if the hot tub water has a pH that is higher or lower than that, it will often irritate your eyes. You can avoid this problem by monitoring the pH levels of your hot tub and adjusting the balance as needed.

Hot Tubs Don’t Last Very Long

People usually think that hot tubs aren’t particularly durable and that they’re unsanitary, making them a short-lived purchase. In truth, a well-built hot tub can last over 20 years and have the same sized filtration system as a pool, but less water gets cycled. Typically, hot tubs require less time and effort to maintain than pools due to being constantly covered and a simple chemistry system.

Jets Equal Value

Most people believe that the more jets a hot tub has, the higher quality the hot tub is. A hot tub salesman might try to sell you on more jets, which may, in fact, cost more money, but it doesn’t reflect quality. Usually, more jets means smaller jets, which are often uncomfortable on the body. Instead of quantity, focus on jet placement to ensure maximum comfort and muscle tension release.

If you’re hesitant to buy a hot tub, you have every right to be. However, you shouldn’t base your reasoning on falsehoods and misconceptions. Talk to current hot tub owners and trustworthy salespeople. They’ll be able to give you insights to help you come to a decision based on fact.

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